If You Scored 100%

On the Gospel IQ Quiz

Awesome and amen brother or sister in Christ! You are well on your way to hearing “Well done, good and faithful servant…enter into my rest.”

I have no words of warning or admonition for you, only praise and commendation, for you are “rightly dividing” the Word of Truth. Unfortunately, only 0.1% of all professing Christians are rightly dividing Scripture and able to score 100% on this quiz, with most preferring the fake gospels and false teachings created by man, committees and institutions which have distorted the Scriptures beyond recognition and which are leading many to destruction.

So please consider sharing this site and my gospel site with a friend or loved one who hasn’t yet come into a correct understanding of the gospel as it was “handed down once for all” time in New Testament Scripture. I have also written a book The Message of Truth to help others also learn the correct gospel – maybe you can send a copy to someone. The book content is also available for free on my gospel site here: https://thetruth.bible.

I pray that the Lord of heaven and earth and His Son Christ Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords will continue to keep you in all truth and steadfastness as we await the return of Jesus in power and glory with all His holy angels in “skies of flaming fire.” God bless!

In His Name, R. John Anderson, GospelIQ.bible